Oversized PST File Problem – Resolvable Using Commercial Application

Resolve Oversized PST File Problem of Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook that is quite common for individuals and professionals for emailing and other communication and collaboration purposes. This application has its own data storage folders known as Personal Storage Table. The ANSI PST file has limitation to store data up-to 2 GB and this file format is acceptable over a range of MS Outlook editions. The new editions of MS Outlook like Outlook 2007 and 2010 permits to store data with 20 GB limit still both of these files ANSI and Unicode move to inaccessible manner when data reached to permitted limit. Oversized PST file problem is not ended even we have new editions of Outlook with permissions to store data up-to 50 GB.

pst size

There are two ways to deal with this issue:

  • Manual PST file size reduction.
  • Reducing the size of PST files using commercial tool.

For avoiding the causes generated due to huge size of PST file, it is suggested to reduce the size of PST file. You can execute the process of PST file reduction using command prompt. Before getting started manual process to compress PST file size, you need to delete the unused data. Steps for PST file size reduction are:

  • Delete the unwanted PST data.
  • Go with Folder list view.
  • Find 'Deleted Items Folder' from navigation pane.
  • Go with File tab.
  • Account setting will be your next selection.
  • Date Files tab and get the PST that you have to compact.
  • Move to settings and then go with Compact Now.

Apart from this, you can also try the method given beneath:

File menu and then go with Data File Management, move to Personal Folder selection and the next step will be Settings, within this follow General tab afterwards follow the Compact Now tab, click on OK and wait until the process gets completed and once the process finishes you can move on by closing the operation window.

Recommended Solution:

If you are not comfortable to go with these solutions for reducing the PST file size so, you will not face oversized PST file problem in future then, you can use a commercial tool that will assist you to remove corruption concerns raised due to oversized PST size. Outlook data file recovery is a powerful application that removes errors from PST files whether problem is generated due to PST oversized concern or any other problem. This tool is a complete recovery package for damaged and corrupt PST files.