Not Implemented Error in Outlook – Use PST File Repair Utility

Not Implemented Error in Microsoft Outlook

People have most often been discussing corruption in Outlook caused due to issues that have already been faced by a plenty of us. There is nothing challenging and many corruption situations are resolvable with the help of built in solutions only. This is the reason here; in this segment the need of Outlook file repair software amongst users will be diversified via a lesser known issue with Microsoft Outlook client program. This issue is not only lesser known but is also very briefly described in the message box leading to a complicated scenario.

Not Implemented

While accessing Outlook emails or sending/receiving new ones via send/receive button sometimes encounters users with an error message stating "Not Implemented."

The problem is that this error isn't descriptive enough to let a user understand the cause of its occurrence neither does it informs about what has actually been caused.

Symptoms Of "Not Implemented" Error:

You will no longer be able to send or receive any new email messages from this Outlook client. And most importantly, the lack of understandability of this error makes matter worse; because you won't be aware as to what can be done to resolve this issue.

Probable Solutions For Resolving Not Implemented Error

Two of the most usual suspects are; Virus scanners or srs-file (Send Receive Setting). The error most commonly takes place when sending or receiving an email which means that the issue takes place in the procedure followed out for transaction of emails.

It could either be that you have a virus scan program installed on your system that automatically integrates with your Outlook while email transaction is executed or the SRS file is corrupt.

If this is the case then the solution is quite easy to be executed:

  • Firstly, disable the virus scanner and Outlook integration. This is highly recommended to be done even if you haven't received an error or are facing an issue because the scanner could prove to be interference in emailing process.
  • Secondly, reset the SRS file. This Send and Receive Setting file consists of all the settings following which an email transaction is carried out. So, it is possible that your emails are not being sent out or received in because its background settings aren’t available due to corruption. You can reset this file to resolve the issue. Rename the file to .old when the Outlook is shut.

Other than that, there is a possibility that any add-in installed on your Outlook client could be posing the issue. In order to ensure if that is what your problem is all about; just for once turn of all your add-ins and perform email send and receive process all over again.

Conclusion: If you are able to execute email transaction successfully the problem was certainly with your add-ins but if the problem persist your PST mailbox is probably corrupt/damage and you need to work it out.

The Solution: Third party solutions are the only best and dependable solutions for resolving issues like corruption when you are not aware as to what has been causing it. Outlook Recovery Software is the best available tool to resolve Outlook PST file issues. It can deal with PST file belongs to any version of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and & 2013.